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Kaluga Hybrid Caviar
  • Kaluga Hybrid Caviar
  • Kaluga Hybrid Caviar

Kaluga, the Closest Thing to Beluga.

Kaluga seems like a silly name, but it actually is a legit species of sturgeon that  is close to Beluga caviar in egg size, color and flavor profile. Beluga has not been available since the moratorium on the Caspian Sea, and nobody can farm it because the DNA would exactly match the wild sturgeon, and there would be no way to prove it didn't come from the Capian Sea–which is illegal.  

Kaluga Hybrid caviar is derived from Huso Dauricus and Acipenser Schrenckii sturgeon. Farm raised in the cool pristine waters of Qiandoa Lake, at the only internationally certified caviar farm in China. Large, firm, light brown to golden brown colored eggs with a glossy finish. Smooth and full-bodied with a a long-lasting aromatic and buttery finish on the palate.

China is increasingly leading the world in both quality and quantity of premium farmed caviar. Culinary giants like Alain Ducasse serve caviar farmed in China's Qiandoa Lake at restaurants around the word, including his three-michelin-starred restaurant in Paris, France. The lake replicates the sturgeon’s natural environment, and these enormous fish are fed on a strict diet. The sturgeon's special feed is imported from Peru. During the hot summer, the fish are temporarily moved to cooler waters. Iranian and Russian caviar masters have imparted their knowledge and experience regarding the processing procedure for the caviar. Processing is extraordinarily swift. In less that ten minutes, the sturgeon are opened, the eggs removed, sorted, cleaned and salted before finally being packed in tins ready for global export. Every fish is ID'd and fully traceable, with a barcode on every tin allowing customers to know the species, color, roe size, production time and more.

Roll this delicious caviar between your tongue and the roof of your mouth, allowing the caviar to soften slightly. Then break the eggs against the roof of your mouth for the full flavor experience. Always use of mother of pearl spoon because stainless steel flat wear will impart a tinny taste to the caviar. Lasts two months unopened in the coldest part of refrigerator between 28 and 34 degrees. Once opened, consume within two days.

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