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Grade A Hudson Valley Foie Gras Lobe, Frozen
  • Grade A Hudson Valley Foie Gras Lobe, Frozen

Frozen Perfection!

Looking where to buy foie gras, look no further, we are your foie gras experts! 

The production of foie gras dates as far back as 2500 BCE. One taste will tell you why this phenomenal dish has endured through the millennia. Its ultra-silky and yet buttery rich texture precedes the tender melting of the foie gras; it floods over the palate the flavor both tantalizing and lingering.

This culturally rich delicacy has delighted palates worldwide. In France, it is protected under law as part of French gastronomical heritage. As foie gras devotees work diligently to obtain the perfect bite it is now produced in every corner of the world: China, Canada, Europe and, as in the case of this particular foie gras, New York.

This New York foie gras is the only USDA certified cage-free foie gras farm in the world. Each lobe is vacuum sealed and frozen to preserve flavor and texture. Grade A means that these are the creme de la creme, the very best lobes fresh from the farm to your table. This lobe is ideal for roasting, braising, searing or preparing terrines or torchons.  Once thawed, use within 3 - 5 days or return to freezer immediately. 

Grade A Hudson Valley Foie Gras Lobe, Frozen - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.