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Foie Gras Terrine with Black Truffles 1.3lb
  • Foie Gras Terrine with Black Truffles 1.3lb
  • Foie Gras Terrine with Black Truffles 1.3lb
  • Foie Gras Terrine with Black Truffles 1.3lb

Buttery Foie Gras Loaded with REAL Perigord Black Truffles

Made with creamy Hudson Valley Foie Gras from New York and 5% real Perigord black truffles, we think this terrine is the best on the market. The buttery, duck foie gras is delightfully savory and pairs wonderfully with earthy, pungent black truffles. A party in your mouth!

The 1.3 lb version has two decadent layers of black Perigord truffles and has an astonishing 5% of REAL black winter truffles from France. 

A great gift for anyone who enjoys foie gras and truffles! 

1.3 pound size is large enough to serve 20 people as an appetizer course or up to 50 at a cocktail party. Simply slice and serve on fancy crackers, fresh French baguette, or toasted brioche bread. Makes a delicious first course when served with mixed greens and aged balsamic vinegar such as Acetaia Dodi Famiglia Dodi.

To remove the terrine from the plastic mold, carefully run a knife around the edge, then slam the terrine on the counter to pop the terrine out of the mold. This may seem a bit crude...but it works like a charm! There is a layer of rendered foie gras fat which forms during the cooking process. The fat can either be consumed with the foie gras, or can be removed and saved for sautéing potatoes, vegetables, or meats.

Unopened, the foie gras terrine lasts at least 30 days. Once opened, consume within 7 days for best flavor, or seal with a vacuum seal device to reduce oxidation and prolong refrigerated shelf life beyond 7 days.

Foie Gras Terrine with Black Truffles 1.3lb - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.