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5J Cinco Jotas Iberico Ham, Hand Sliced
  • 5J Cinco Jotas Iberico Ham, Hand Sliced
  • 5J Cinco Jotas Iberico Ham, Hand Sliced

Widely Regarded as the Best Pork in the World!

Iberico ham is most certainly exceptional, but what makes it among the best in the world?

In short - time. No shortcuts are allowed when it comes to the jewel of Spain's culinary offerings.

These pigs have come from a long line of their prized kind; unbroken since 1879. Strictly controlled measures guarantee and safeguard the purity of this inimitable breed worldwide.

They enjoy a free-range lifestyle which includes searching Spain's countryside for acorns and aromatic herbs. This is known as the Montanera fattening period, ensuring that the pigs grow at a slower rate, allowing fat to accumulate between their muscle fibers.

And then there is the aging process: this exceptional acorn-fed shoulder of Iberico ham is carefully cured for 18 - 36 months in Spain. These shoulders are then brought to the United States where every slice is hand-carved by the Cinco Jotas Master Carver. From pig to plate, no part of the process is hurried. Each step is perfected.

That's how unrivaled texture, lingering aroma and superb taste is created.

The only question that remains is when YOU are going to taste it!

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