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Japanese 100% Wagyu Beef, A-5 Grade, Ribeye
  • Japanese 100% Wagyu Beef, A-5 Grade, Ribeye

Insane Marbling!

ONE 22-24 OUNCE STEAK (enough for four people!)

Japanese wagyu is higher rated the US Kobe beef. 

If you've never had Japanese Wagyu Beef you're in for a treat. If you have, you know how amazing it is! Known for its intense marbling characteristics and naturally enhanced flavor, tenderness, and juiciness, this Wagyu Beef has a marbling score of 11-12 and is A-5 grade. This beef is so rich, 4 - 6 oz per person is enough!

These Japanese Wagyu steaks are flash frozen and individually vacuum sealed prior to shipping. Flash frozen steaks can be kept in the freezer for up to 6 months.

For maximum enjoyment for these incredible steaks, follow our cooking guidelines:

  • Keep your steaks cold until ready to cook, so the buttery fat won't render too quickly.
  • Do NOT marinate! We recommend salt and pepper, applied right before cooking.  Marinades will cover up the delicious flavor of this unctuous beef.
  • Use high heat on your grill or saute pan and cook only a few minutes on each side for rare to medium rare (recommended). 
  • Turn the steaks carefully so that you don't puncture the beef, potentially loosing some of the precious fat and juices.
  • When steaks are done, let them sit for a minimum of five minutes on a cutting board or plate (remove from heat source).
Japanese 100% Wagyu Beef, A-5 Grade, Ribeye - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.