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Seared Sea Scallops on crispy potato stack with microgreen salad and shaved Black Truffle. Served with Leek Bisque and Black Truffle Dust.

Recipe By: Morgan Brody This recipe was created simply because it was winter truffle season, and there was a delicious truffle that needed to be used up. And whats better for a first course then Sea Scallops, that go perfect with truffles?? Potatoes were used because you always need a starch and the micro-green salad was added for color. The leek bisque was actually made a day in-advance for another party but went meticulously well with this course as a whole.  Ingredients: 4 Large Sea Scallops 3-4 Yukon Potatoes 1 package Pancetta 1 container Microgreens Black Winter Truffle 1 tbsp. butter...