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Salmon, Cucumber, Avocado, and Bacon Salad


A salad made from leftovers…


It’s time to have lunch and what I have to work with is leftover salmon from last night’s dinner, and leftover bacon from breakfast. There’s half an avocado and some Persian cucumbers in the fridge also. Can I make something with this ingredient list? Let’s see how it goes…


30 minutes later, and much to my surprise, it was totally yummy. And that Japanese Whisky was a great beverage pairing, was an even bigger surprise!


The mild flavor and lower fat content of keta salmon worked well with this recipe; however, tombo tuna would be a good substitute. I had never even heard of keta salmon, but it was on sale for $5.99 a pound, so it seemed it was worth a try…


Bacon adds a pleasant crunch, and seems to pull it all together. Whisky is a natural pairing with bacon, and with the Japanese influence of rice wine vinegar in the dressing, a Japanese whisky seemed like a good pairing approach. We tried two Japanese whiskies with the salad, including a whisky made from fermented rice. Hibiki Japanese Harmony Whisky was the winner. It is smooth and complex, and was the perfect complement to this delicious salad.


Quantities for this recipe have been increased in order to serve 4 – 6 as a main course or 12 as an appetizer or side dish.



1 pound keta (chum) salmon, seasoned and cooked, cold and flaked

4 – 5 Persian cucumbers, sliced fine with mandolin

1 ½ avocado, cubed

12 oz Nueske’s applewood smoked bacon, cooked (not too crispy) and chopped



¼ cup Sherry vinegar

1/8 cup rice wine vinegar

salt and pepper to taste

1 heaping tablespoon truffle mustard

½ cup olive oil

¼ cup garlic olive oil


To make the dressing, mix first four ingredients in a medium sized bowl.  Pour a thin stream of each type of olive oil while whisking, in order to emulsify the dressing. 


Line plates with a handful of cucumber slices.  Drizzle 1 -2 teaspoons salad dressing over each plate of cucumbers.  Mix all salad ingredients with about 1/3 cup dressing and toss.  Divide between plates.  Sprinkle bacon on top of salads.


Pairing: Hibiki, Japanese Harmony Whisky


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