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Salad Lyonnaise



¼ cup Sherry Vinegar

½ Tbsp Dijon Mustard

½ tsp Garlic salt or fresh garlic

1 Tbsp Balsamic

¾ cup Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper

10 Slices of Nueske’s Bacon

Head of Frisee lettuce (about 1lb)

4 Eggs, cooked sous vide


 Warm Sous Vide to a temperature of 167 and place whole egg in for exactly 13.5 minutes. While eggs are cooking,  in a sauce pan crisp up bacon, 3-4 mins per side and drain on a paper towel. Mix vinegar, Dijon, garlic, balsamic, salt/pepper, and olive oil together. Heat in a small sauce pan until just warmed, if overheated the sauce will separate. Layer a plate with the Frisee, crumbled bacon, and poached egg. Top with salad dressing and break egg so yolk gets mixed in and coats the salad.


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