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Hamachi with Shaved Black Truffles, Watercress Black Truffle Vinaigrette and Green Beans with Nueske's Bacon. 






Watercress Black Truffle Vinaigrette

2 oz Watercress leaves and stems

½ tsp pepper

2Tbsp Rice vinegar

4 Tbsp Olive Oil

Salt to taste

1 tsp black truffle oil

-Roughly chop watercress. Blend all ingredients in food processor.


Butter Yuzu Ponzu

¼ C yuzu ponzu

Clarified butter unsalted

-Melt butter, combine with ponzu


 Green Beans with Nueske’s Bacon

½ lb Green Beans

1 Tbsp minced Shallots

12 oz Nueske’s bacon cut into small pieces

2 Tbsp chicken stalk

Salt and pepper to taste.


Other Ingredients

1oz Black Truffle

1/2 lb Hamchi



In a sauté pan, cook up cut Nueske’s bacon until preferred doneness. Remove cooked bacon and let drain on paper towel. Leave 1-2 Tbsp of bacon grease in pan and add minced shallots. Once frequent add green beans and cover. Let cook for about 5-8 mins string occasionally. If beans are sticking to pan, deglaze with the 2 tablespoons of chicken stalk. Once beans are cooked, add bacon bits back in, season with salt and pepper and serve hot.


Presentation: On plate lay out sliced sashimi grade Hamachi (yellow tail). Shave a slice of truffle over each piece of Hamachi. Drizzle both watercress black truffle vinaigrette and butter yuzu ponzu over Hamachi. Spoon green beans and bacon onto plate. Sprinkle edible flowers over top (optional).

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